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Cekamon Expert Nailing table

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Cekamon Expert Nailing table
- Adjustable template for all standard pallets with 9 blocks or 3-4 stringers. (standard equipment).
- Suitable for a. two and four entry pallets b. open and perimeter based under deck.
- Blocks are clamped pneumatically.
- Finished pallets are ejected pneumatically.
- Adjustable and removable latch plates. 6 pieces 200 x 120 mm and 6 pc. 250 x 120 mm.
- Can be equipped with two spring balancers on a rail.
- The frame also serves as a buffer tank for compressed air.
- Also available in XL version for pallet production up to a length of 3.400 mm.

Country & Region Netherlands, GELDERLAND

Cekamon Expert Nailing table

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Address : ERMELO, GELDERLAND, Netherlands
Phone: 0031 341 550038
Contact: G DE WITH OR R. DOLLEKAMP (Sales)

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