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Certified estonian enplus a1 pellets, 15kg or bb

ID: 351076
Date: 2015-04-07

We are an Estonian wood pellet manufacturer.

We mostly offer pre-packed pellets in 15kg packs under our trademark Premium Pellets. If necessary, we can print your design and branding on the bags or do clear plastic.

Big bags are also available.

In contrast to some competitors claiming to have an ENplus A1 certification, we actually do have one, ID: EE-008!

The pellets are pressed only from clean and dry spruce sawdust and chips, free from bark and additives and without any residue materials. Quality is guaranteed through daily testing.

Product specifications:

- ENplus A1 certification ID: EE 008

- Diameter: 6 mm or 8 mm

- Relative density: 700 kg/m3

- Energetic value: 17-18MJ/kg

- Moisture: 8%

- Sulphur content: 0.05%

- Ash content: 0.3 %

- Mechanical durability: 98.5%

- Made in Estonia

We are pricing our product at 140 euros per tonne (ex. VAT)/ 15 kg bags/EXW.

Pellets in bigbags would be 130 euros EXW per tonne (ex. VAT).

If necessary, we can arrange the transport to your specified location.

If you are interested in our product and/or wish to specify the price or transport, please reply

Quantity ----- tona
Country & Region Estonia, Tartumaa
Delivery EXW
Date: 2015-04-07
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