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Doussie wood for sale... 3 20ft container

ID: 467058
Date: 2019-01-14

We are a company located in Kano state, Nigeria, with a total staff strength of 55.

This wood is sourced from Nigeria.
The final product is used to produce high quality exterior and interior joinery, flooring, doors and boat building. It is used for production in what can be described as a thriving furniture industry.

Our team of experienced forestry staff carefully sources logs for screening. This scrutiny is necessary to ensure only the finest most durable logs are selected for processing. The final export product is a clean cut, rough square log with no bark.

Weight: 28KG minus container weight

WE have clean and pack doussie woods in 20ft containers. pictures and weigh bridge document available. We have a consistent supply of Doussie Wood and can fulfill even the largest of clients demands.

Quantity 2 container 20
Country & Region Nigeria, Kano
Delivery -
Date: 2019-01-14
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