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We sell tabletops and tables from old oak. For more information please check website: www.kolosale.ro
id: 3229

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Round table with diameter of different dimmensions:
D120 cm D140 cm D160 cm
Table made of oak.
id: 3228

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extendible table of different dimensions: 160(220)x90x78 180(260)x100x78 200(280)x100x78
The table is made of oak.
id: 1938

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Table Mell, 160 x 90 Chair Flavio, upholsted skay
id: 1693

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id: 1503
Dining table AnDT round, all elements are full strip. Size: 1100*1100*750 mm
Dining table JoDT ,all elements are finger-jointed. Sizes: 1800*1000*750 mm
id: 1096
Furniture for dining-room - oak wood
id: 71

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we can produce every kind fo dining rooms you want. www.yazkar.com