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we are running on interior and exterior doors from oak, pine, lime
veneer factory from Romania- part of Treviso Legno,Italy, with more then 30 years experience in wood industry - we offer log processing services; slicing and jointing veneers is done with the latest equipment. We are searching for international cooperation
BMB high-quality-windows - available in all shapes and colours. Our wooden windows are built in modern production line and pass newest European standards. For the window profiles we use 3-times laminated wood with a thickness of 68mm for the IV68 profile and 78mm thickness for th..
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Price info best offer EURO
Our wooden front doors are compliant to the newest technical developments and put standards in the field of housebreaking security, isolation against coldness and a great flexibility in design variations. The built in 3-times locking-system is a big problem for housebreakers and ..
We are a veneer production factory in Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov , processing logs of various species, both European and exotic, with the latest equipment, we are interested with various clients in the country but also in other countries, processing logs is done with rotary CREMONA TZ a..
Manufacture and supply solid wood interior doors different models. Wood species: spruce, meranti, oak and ash. We used the model of the beneficiary.
Windows triple layered spruce wood, meranti or oak. Equipment is made with Roto hardware. Finishing Milesi
We produce many different sizes of scantlings used in doors` amd windows` production. Sizes we are producing most often are: 72x86,72x75, 63x74, 72x115, 63x117 , 72x125, 48x48, 29x103 and many many others. We use lamella min 200mm but we can produce +500mm too. If you need anythi..
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Price info best offer EURO
We sell ”‹”‹laminated wood windows and doors, PVC and aluminum. Provide transportation and installation.
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Price info 430-600 USD
1. Material: Poplar, birch, pine, eucalyptus, etc.
2. Thickness: 3mm 3. Size: 1220x2440, 2050x750/850/950/1220, etc, can be made to measure.
4. Glue: E2.