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Price info negociabil EURO
massive fir wood, beech and oak firewood on request
we are manufacturers of wooden furniture, melamine, MDF - to order.
Tables 100% massive pine . Furniture 100% massive. For other model, please contact.
est Regards Mr Csaba
Kitchens and kitchen elements from massive of wood of oak, ash, fir, beech, alder. Our products satisfy European Standarts of quality. The steps of the fabrication process is developed here, beggining with the transport of raw timber and finishing with painting the finished produ..
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Price info 1240 EURO
This kitchen is made with Good Quality MDF as a main product.
As coverings are used balloon sysytems.
Kitchen`s counter may be granit, marbel or MDF.
This kitchen is 10,5 m2.