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high quality wood pellets for industrial power & home heating quality : Din+ EN+ quality materials :pure pine wood moisture : 8%max calorie :4200-4800 mj/kg ash :0.5% -0.6%max shape :stick color :Dark/Pale
own diameter : 6mm-8mm length : 15mm-30mm inner density :11..
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We offer a big area of bansawblades products according with the customer demand. Available from 8 mm to 260 mm wihth, any long and tickness, any profile. Call us now or write us for a quotation! Attn: We offer help and assistance for increasing quantity and quality of the sawn ..
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Price info ---
I want to offer sawn softwood, sizes individually for the customer`s specification.
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Price info 6,60 EURO
We EPAL pallet manufacturers in Hungary on the border of Croatia and Slovenia 150km. We deliver pallets throughout Europe. We have a daily production capacity of 5,000 pieces. For info and prices: admprod.palletkft@gmail.com tel. uffico 003682351328
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Skymill wooden weekend house Sky 38
Wall profile (mm) 70 Area (m²
38 Terrace (m²
9 High (mm
oof area (m²
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We produce various types and specifications firewood on pallets. We can offer 1RM; 1.8RM; 2 RM size boxes. Split log length 25 cm, 30 cm or 45 cm. Wood type: Birch, Oak, Ash, Alder, Beech etc.
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Ash content 0,7-0.8%
Diameter 6 mm (+/-1
Length 15 mm
Humidity 7.6 %
Caloric Value - 18 G (+/-1)
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50x50x3000 (100 euro
50x50x6000 (120 euro
Our production facility is located in the North-West of Belarus, the distance to the border with Latvia – 100 km (p. Paternieki), to Moscow, 500 km to 300 km from Pskov Firm since 2010. Work on equipment "WOOD MIZER"..
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Hello !
We are Company UKRNETWOOD ITC, LLC which is engaged in wood processing durum.
It’s - pine, ash , hornbeam, acacia, oak. In recent years, Italy comes in ash furniture blank. In our production , we provide quality sawing and drying wood . And for furniture bla..