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Our company manufactures and sells edged board, timber on a permanent basis, the tree with which we work, pine poplar, spruce . We work on the terms of FCA,DDU .
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Price info догово?ная ?ена EURO
- board, birch chamber-drying timber, dimensions and volumes according to the customer`s specifications;----
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I sell timber of spruce and fir from 1m to 4m of different sizes. I can make any order with any size you want. More details on phone or whatsapp: 0755768754
Fresh beech timber, Thinkness 36mm, payed in 32mm.
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We are company from Serbia that work any kind of Acacia products. From Acacia aquare and round poles to timber,logs,vener and other...
est regards
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Orosz származásu müszáritott vörösfenyö :32X150X6000,50X150X6000
Kiln dried kiln dried thickness 32 mm quantity 25 mc.
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Romanian spruce timber. Quality A, B, C Timber Dimensions: 25mm/100mm; 25mm/120mm;25mm/150mm;25mm/200mm;25mm/250mm 48mm/100mm;48mm/150mm;48mm/200mm Lenghts:2,3,4,5 - Meters
eams Dimensions: 80mm/80mm;80mm/120mm;80mm/150mm 100mm/100mm;100mm/120mm/100mm/150mm 120mm/120m..
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Price info negociabil EURO
hEllou,we produce oak timber ,fresh ,FSC certification ,A,B,C Grade
you can cantact us on phone or email
have a nice day
We sell paulownia timber quality AA Dimensions on request. Example: *** 20 mm
100-250 mm
2000 -2500 mm - price 19 eur, minimum order 20 pieces *** 30 mm
150-300 mm
2000-2500 mm price
pcs 29 eur, minimum order 20 pieces *** 40 mm
200-300 mm