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Lumber carpentry quality

ID: 261438
Date: 2012-11-20

At this moment we can offer bigger quantity lumber carpentry quality thickness 24mm, 48mm, 78mm; lenght 3000mm/4000mm/5000mm. Fir mostly, air dried.

Publication: 20-Nov-2012
Expiration: 20-01-2013
Quantity ----- m3
Country & Region Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika srpska
Delivery -
Date: 2012-11-20
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Address : VLASENICA, REPUBLIKA SRPSKA, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Sell 2015-09-14
Sawmill company for sale
Our company owns a sawmill in Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We produce rough sawn lumber from fir.
We sell all our business: agreements with log suppliers, production, receivables, customer database etc.
Our sawmill is located on main road Vlasenica-Kladanj near big forestry.
We have transformers. Place of land where are our sawmill is 7000 m2. We have building for offices, production hall and silos (in attachment is building project without silos). Silos is prepared for boiler.
We have warehouse for logs. After that is place where we wash logs. When we finish washing we load logs on input transporter. From transporter logs go on sawmill. Sawmill is Mebor 1200 profesional HTZ + (year of production is 2014, power is 45 kW).
After cutting planks go on outgoing transporter. After that is circular saw Primultini. After that is multirip (year of production 2008). On multirip we edging planks. Also we make small beams.
At the end is band saw Primultini.
Our production line is optimal.
On silos we install Primultini for sharpening saw blade. Ever thing is prepared for kiln dry.
In this moment we not need dry chamber. Reason is because we cooperate with company that have dry chamber. We give them sawdust and wood waste and they drying for us.
We have enough space for new buildings if we need new production plan. Also, we can extend land of our sawmill for few thousand m2.
We buy logs from Sume Republike srpske (www.sumers.org) in municipality Vlasenica, Han Pijesak and Milici and Sume Tuzlanskog kantona (www.jpsumetk.ba) in municipality Kladanj. Distance from sawmill to forestry is from 10km to 50km. Transport cost for transport logs is from 4 EUR to 7 EUR per m3. Species of logs is fir, pine in small quantity and beech. Oak isnt good quality. There are big quantity of fir and beech logs that we can buy.
Company working. Were selling company in work state. Business just continue. No pause.
Price for all of this is 1200000 EUR (one million two hundred thousand euros).
Ivan Milic
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