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Products and raw materials for the furniture industry

ID: 535205
Date: 2023-11-16

With its export-import and wholesale activities, our company has been playing an increasingly important role as a supplier in the domestic market of furniture and interior design raw materials and parts for nearly a decade.

Our company imports the products of many foreign manufacturers from all over Europe. Our customer partners are typically Hungarian furniture manufacturing plants and carpenters, but we also deliver outside our borders.

We strive to serve customer needs at a high level by expanding the range vertically and horizontally. Ensuring the excellent quality of the parts, products and related services we distribute and the accurate and faultless service of our customers and clients is a defining element of our business policy.

We have a continuous stock of more than €400,000 of these products

Our company has recently expanded its activities in the field of furniture industry services:

- furniture board cutting
- cutting at an angle
- edge closure
- PU edge closure
- furniture production
- on-site installation.

Publication: 16-Nov-2023
Expiration: 24-02-2024
Country & Region Hungary, BÁcs-kiskun
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Date: 2023-11-16
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