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Various wooden building materials

ID: 530845
Date: 2023-09-19

Delivery of wood materials for the furniture construction of a socio-cultural center. The following formative achievements are queried (listing serves only to illustrate the achievement and is not exhaustive):
- Douglas fir decking: 1125 linear metres
- Birch multiplex (partly HPL coated, different thicknesses): 130 sqm
- etc.
Note on the contract period and delivery period:
The contract period begins on the day the contract is awarded (probably November 27th, 2023) and ends with the settlement of the final invoice after acceptance of the service.
The delivery must take place between the 2nd week of 2024 and the 12th week of 2024. The exact delivery date must be agreed with the customer in good time, but no later than 1 week before delivery (see also the description of services).

Publication: 19-Sep-2023
Expiration: 25-09-2023
Quantity ----- m3
Country & Region Germany, Münster
Delivery -
Date: 2023-09-19
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