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Wood pellets

ID: 530858
Date: 2023-09-19

We offer DIN EN PLUS A1 certified wood pellets. These can be delivered in sacks or as loose goods throughout Germany. The goods must be unloaded themselves, which is why a forklift or similar should be available. The offers refer to companies (with VAT ID. No.).
The pictures are examples. The sacks, pallets and manufacturers may vary depending on availability. Upon delivery, you will receive a certificate from the manufacturer.
Terms of payment: 1 discount for payment on the same day as the goods were delivered, otherwise the gross amount within 7 days. If the agreed payment deadline is not met, additional costs of 1 per day of the gross price will be incurred. With this payment method, the seller carries out a credit check on the consumer. The prices already include the transport costs and the applicable VAT.
If the cancellation occurs before the start of delivery, the customer bears the costs for the transport and 20% of the gross goods. After delivery, the return of the product is excluded.
We look forward to welcoming you as a future customer and are happy to answer any questions you may have by email or telephone.

Publication: 19-Sep-2023
Expiration: 05-05-2024
Quantity 24 tona
Country & Region Germany, North rhine-westphalia (nordrhein-westfalen)
Delivery FOB
Date: 2023-09-19
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Phone: 0049 17664496425
Fax: ----------
Contact: SALVATORE DI PIAZZA (Geschäftsinhaber)

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