Blasting Grit Material
for Professional Abrasive Blasting

Fulfills the EU Directives
Standardized Material:
ISO: 11126-5

Blasting Grit
Types: 0.2 mm – 2.8 mm

The Blasting Grit offered by WhiteWood is a special, granular product with sharp edges. The granules show an irregular shape, significant hardness and specific weight. Such qualities of the grit do an excellent job in the process of abrasive blasting for metal surfaces and the cleaning of the brick and stone surfaces.

Price * Quantity
70 € / tonne (dry material) 2 – 22 tonnes (including)
67 € / tonne (dry material) More than 24 tonnes
* Price does not include VAT.

We can custom the offer and the due dates, according to your needs, considering:

  • Package Big Bag 2 tonnes / piece (Types: 0.2 mm – 2.8 mm);
  • Package Bags of 25 kg: Adapted quantity by requirements.

    Types for Package Bags of 25 kg:

    • 0.2 mm – 2.8 mm
    • 0.2 mm – 1.0 mm
    • 0.2 mm – 0.6 mm

« The material is dry and stored in a dry place. »

If during one year you bought 300 tonnes of material and you payed for it with cash on delivery, at the end of the year we will offer you a 7% Discount from the purchase price: 67 euro per tonne.
» We ship the material at national level. Shipping costs are at minimum market price for order of at least 30 tonnes.

The advantages of using packaging of bags of 25 kg:

  • Smaller space required;
  • Handling loose;
  • Easy transport at the working place.
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WhiteWood imports abrasive grit for blasting surfaces. We pay a special attention for each collaboration by becoming a trusted partner that delivers the optimal solution. The product excellence and the quality of the services delivered are the core and the guide of our entire activity.

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Person Blasting
Bridge Blasting
Car Restoration
Naval Blasting
Pipe Blasting
Plane Blasting
Facades Restoration
Pool Cleaning with Blasting Grit

Blasting Grit Usage:

  • Shipbuilding, oil refineries, warehouses and oil production platforms;
  • Modular construction, industry, civil engineering;
  • Restoration of monuments and heritage buildings.