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ID: 459375
Date: 2018-07-02

Our company is a timber exportation company which deals in top quality exotic tropical hardwood logs from Africa
precisely Cameroon ready for supply. We are a company based in
Cameroon and we have top quality tropical hardwood logs ready for
supply we have all commercial wood log species for sale such as Ebony
Bubinga Zingana Moabi Wenge Billinga Sapele Bosse Doussie Tali Iroko
Azobe Ekobelli Niove Frake Limbali Acajou and many others. We have
sawn all our wood to
standard sizes ready for you to process into semi finished or finished
goods. All our exported woods are certified and are under control. We
are giving our wood at moderate prices and we sell both logs and sawn
wood depending on the demand of our client. Our company is here to
meet the high demand for top quality tropical hardwood logs, we have
an output ability of about 35 - 4000 cubic meters of wood on a monthly
basis. So if you are ready to purchase top quality tropical hardwood
logs from Africa then you are talking to the rite company try us and
you wont regret it

Quantity 10.000 m3
Country & Region Cameroon, South west
Delivery FOB
Date: 2018-07-02
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