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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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We sell firewood from the following species: beech, hornbeam, oak and acacia.
For additional details do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.
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Firewood moisture content up to 20, length 23-25cm or 30-33cm, split thickness 8-16cm. Firewood is stacked in wooden boxes 1RM, 1.8RM, 2RM. Other sizes of firewood o
oxes are possible at the request of the customer. Firewood splitting is performed with professional equipment..
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We are a wholesale and retail firewood sales company. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful quality control is it marked and becomes the best wood. Dry firewood, split and stored on pallets. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful qu..
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Softwood, Hardwood timbe
Logs Available
ose wood African Mahogany wood African Mahogany wood logs African bubinga wood Teak wood logs for sale Camelthorn African wood Logs African hard wood species African white wood Africa..
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Price info 180 USD
Widths: 1¾34; and 3½34; Depths: 9¼
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Price info US 50- US 110 per ton USD
Wood type: Beech (fagus sylvatica) max. 1
ark Quality: Natural beech, technical dried, freed of dust Country of origin: USA Moisture: Approx. 12
Color: Light
own Smell: Fresh
dried wood Structure: Cubic PH-value: 5,5 /- 1 Quantity: 15kg Packaging: Poly..
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Double Crate of Eucalyptus-Dried Birch Contents: Kiln-Dried Oak, Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, Birch Volume: Approx. 2000 litre Weight: Approx. 840-880kg Moisture Content: Under 10 to 15
urning Characteristics: Excellent heat with
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Moisture: 8-12 Grade: 1) AA exquisite and beautiful wood texture, smooth and nice surfaces of two side without scar and knot. 2) AB:good and nice wood texture, smooth and nice surfaces of two side without scar and knot
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Key Specifications/ Special Features:
We are specialized in exports deciduous lumbers for construction usage, furniture elements and flooring strip. We own hardwoods sawmill located in
omania, equipped with 5 band saws with annual ..