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See spec sheet attached
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Economy & Better SPF Rough S4S KD Spruce 30 x 150 x 8`-10`-12`
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Whitewood SPF Paper wrapped grades 1-3 prime from our Canadian sawmill;
2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12 RL
Available to all markets.
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ALL AMERICAN HARDWOODS . All size pallets offered. Pallet elements cut to desired lenghts and sizes.
Wood Equipment. - 15 mm Cap. edgebanding thickness, auto. strip & coil feed magazine, 3 mm PVC guillotine. ~ Equipped with Pre-Milling Section. ~ Workstations: Front & rear end trims, duo-system Top & Bottom flush trims; AKRON 600 2-Motor corne
ounding unit; Top & bottom s..
Wood Equipment. - Complete 20-Station System, 53 in. width cap., variable speed running 0 - 65 FPM - consisting of the following components: ~~ (1
everse Roll Coater, Conveyor, 2-Head Stain Wiper, Conveyor, (1) Single Head Roll Coater, (1) Single Lamp UV Oven, (1) Single Hea..
Wood equipment. - Door system with Automatic infeed, 102 in. cap. 1st pass Tenoner, automatic transfer, and a 123 in. cap. 2nd pass Tenoner. - SCMI 100/D Door Loader, double bay infeed programmable loader with overhead
idge type with (2) 118 in. x 51 in. x 61 in. high stac..
Wood Equipment. 12-1/4 in. Max. width cap. with 25 in. feed width, 13-1/2 in. chain width, 50 HP - 4,200 RPM V-belt drive arbor with (2) movable and (1) fixed blade; shifting blades positioned from operator controls. ~~ Features: 12 in. Dia. saw blades, 65 mm arbor, 4-1/4 in. max..
Wood Equipment. 36 in. x 7 in. Cap., NEWMAN carbide QUIETCUT heads; max. 7 in. & min. 1/8 in. stock thickness, min. 14 in. unbutted material length, 6 in. min. butted material length. ~~ Direct cutterhead motor drives 50 HP - 3,600 RPM top & 30 HP - 3,600 RPM bottom. ~~ Includes:..