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We sell peeled and sharpened acacia stakes, certified wood. Always have goods in stock, fast delivery assistance.
id: 4504

Price info ---
firewood - cut 25 cm , 33 cm , 50 cm and 1 m , and split .
id: 4503

Price info ---
firewood - cut 25 cm , 33 cm , 50 cm and 1 m , and split .
We manufacture packaging crates, boxes according to custome
equirements and specifications. Good business ethics and competitive price.
id: 3223

Price info 40 EURO
fresh cut or air dry oak firewood logs- 1m. lenght or 33 cm.- cleaved.
cleaved оак
id: 2004
We offer complete pellet production line, second hand, consisting of:
- pellet machine MTD, model T-40, 75kw - rotary dryer, capacity 1 ton
h, complete with burner EMD 1MW. - Refine
- Cooling machine, 3 ton. - Control panel.
id: 1553

Price info 17 546 EURO
One-storey eco-house 87m2.
3 bedrooms, livingroom with kitchenette, 2 bathrooms
id: 1552

Price info 11 523 EURO
One storey house - 58m2.
2 bedrooms, livingroom with kitchenette, bathroom
id: 1551
One-storey building 35m2. Freespace 27m2, bathroom and storage. Suitable for office and commercial site.