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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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We are a wholesale and retail firewood sales company. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful quality control is it marked and becomes the best wood. Dry firewood, split and stored on pallets. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful qu..
Cekamon Expert Nailing table
- Adjustable template for all standard pallets with 9 blocks or 3-4 stringers. (standard equipment).
- Suitable for a. two and four entry pallets b. open and perimete
ased under deck.
- Blocks are clamped pneumatically.
- Fini..
Cekamon EndSaw M (Trimpsaw
- CE certificated by a so called Notified Body.
- Can be installed straight behind the palletSaw.
- One person does the dismantling and the second the cross cutting.
- Five pre-set board lengths.
- Free adjustable cutting speed...
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Since 1993 almost 600 machines have been sold. Can be used in a repair line and as standalone machine.
- CE certificated by a so called Notified Body (SKH).
- Speed adjustable table top.
- Pallets can be dismantled with a pushing and pulling method.
- Large wh..
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Circular saws.
- For cutting wood with nail residue
- Available in various diameters.
For more information call us.
Looking fo
eciprocating-, Band saw- or Circular saw blades
CekamonSaws offers a wide range against competitive prices
Call us for advice and prices
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Price info ---
Band saw blades for all
ands of pallet stripping machines
- Available in various widths and thicknesses
- Welded to any desired length
Call us for more information
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Your employees achieve more • Standard size 1 .0 x 2.0 Mete
• Ergonomic design. • Robust concrete table to reduce noise. • Nailing tacker within reach
y acentral arm and a spiral tube). • Lighting with clear light directly at the work space
• One ce..
• Fo
oken pallet parts • As substitude fo
eciprocating machines • Reduction of dust. • Saves on Reciprocating machines and -blades