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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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Ruukki´s tinder-dry firewood PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: • Made of Finnish birch
• PEFC-certified • Quality A1 • Energy content 1700 + kWh/stacked cubic metre • Dried mechanically to less than 20% • Length 30 cm, package 20 litres, weight approx. 8 k..
We have approx 100 m3 of various sizes UMP made PRO-LAM (knotless, one length lamellas blanks) SPRUCE beams which are not saved for final dimensions all A-Grade. PRO – LAM beams widths are 36/42/50/61/66/72/96/109, heights 36/58/66/71/82/95/120/145 and lengths from 480 to 3300..
We have approx 100 m3 of various sizes UPM made JF-LAM (knotless, finger-jointed and laminated blanks) SPRUCE beams which are not saved for final dimensions, all A-Grade. FJ – LAM beams widths are 33/60/62/73/76/125, heights 40/54/65/70/72/73/76/82/109/140 and lengths from 700 ..
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Price info 1750 EURO
Large capacity saw dust blowe
- NEWER USED. Fan diameter 138 cm, shaft 90 mm with belt pulley, designed for 110 kW electric drive. Inlet opening diameter is 50 cm, outlet 25 x 57 cm. The fan is in excellent condition and comes with one spare impeller.
The line consist of hydraulically operated log feeding table, size approx 2 x 10 meter, feeding conveyor and
UKS 1701 M type disc chipper with 1700 mm inclined chipper disc and an electric motor driven in-feed unit with 500 x 380 mm in-feed opening. The chips are discharge..
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Price info Ask for offer EURO
Heat Treated Spruce 4” and 5” for decking We have 90 x 28mm and 120 x 28 mm length +5 meters heat treated Finnish spruce, saved in four sides and machined on one side as you can see from the picture. The product is high commercial quality and sold by full 20 and 40” ..
We have various sizes from 25x58x2500 mm to 130x130x6000 mm finger joint glue laminated PINE (made from 2 to 6 laminates) totaling 150 m3 for sale. We also have glue laminated solid wood PINE beams, (No FJ) 80x80mm lengths 5100 – 5700mm, made of two lamellas beams for sale. All..
We have approx 1200 m3 grade
glue laminated SPRUCE beams for sale. Beams are made of 4 – 10 pieces of solid wood laminates, manufacture
Finnish UPM Corporation, shaved all four sides and all 4 corners and they are manufactured in accordance with Japanese R-JAS standar..
We have today total volume more than 700 m3 glue laminated solid wood panels
oth pine and spruce) for sale. The panel is made by Finnish UPM Corporation and it is marketed under product name WISA PANELS. Our stock is changing day by day, but we are carrying various panel si..
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Price info ask EURO
Large dimension Whitewood timber, max size 300x300mm