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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

For personalized price offers contact the company directly and use the FREE system to publish buy or sell offers.
We are a wholesale and retail firewood sales company. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful quality control is it marked and becomes the best wood. Dry firewood, split and stored on pallets. We have domestic and foreign firewood and only after careful qu..
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Price info 175 EURO
Grade : ABC Diameter: 40cm and up (min 70%
30cm-39cm (max 30%
Length: 3m and more
ark reduction: -1cm over the bark Free trim : 20cm
id: 3021
Square edged boards in beech (steamed or unsteamed)AD or KD. All thicknesses available (mainly 38, 50, 60, 70 and 80 mm). Grade AA or A/AB, Lengths 2.00 - 2.10 - 2.20 and 2.50 m.
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Price info ---
We can supply directly any wood emanating from forests of South America raw(gross) or work and treaties for terrace construction etc......
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We offer sleepers oak in good quality or industrial quality (for the garden). On supply or made to order. Length: 180; 200; 230; 260 cm and +300 cm
width: 20; 22; 24; 26 cm
thickness: 13; 14; 15; 16 cm
The company LAMICHENE produces oak strips in fresh sawn wood. The unit is based in Normandy/FRANCE. We can propose to our customers fresh sawn oak strips 27x70/80/100mm in large quantites and on a regula
asis, several grades possible.
We get all the conditions to sati..
- Cumaru decking board, striated 20x90/140mm x any length
- IpĂȘ deck tile, striated 24/30x500x500mm
id: 51
- Tablets 18/25x200/300/400/500/600x2000mm - knotty
or 22x250/350/450/550x800/1200/2200mm - small knots
- Desk table top 18x800x1200mm or 25x800x1200/1400mm
- Solid pine boards, finger-joint or not, dimensions as you need, quality A/A, A/B,
id: 48
chests, chiffoniers, sideboards, shoe cabinets...
We can make on demand.
Wall shelves - straight or corner, solid pine - raw, honey or white finishing
STRAIGHT: 20x40/60/90/120cm
- moulded: 20x50 or 30x45 or 60x25cm
CORNER: 20x20 or 30x30 or 40x40cm (moulded option also)