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Sliced Veneers - More than 50 species. Produced by Samartex Timber & Plywood Ltd in west Ghana. Species : African Mahogany, Sapelli, Tiama, Kosipo, Black Ofram, Chen Chen, Aniegre as well as special veneers such as Sapelli figured, Aniegre figured, Macore block figured and other..
id: 1956

Price info ---
From our production in Lugos, Romania we can offer you OAK friza in various grads.
Size: 25(+2)x80(+5)x300-1000mm
For further information feel free to contact us.
We would like to propose to you 2 species of peeling logs from Cameroon for which we have availability - AYOUS and LOTOFA.
AYOUS is a white wood, primarily used for engineered veneers, plywood & lumbe
LOTOFA is a red wood and because of its red color its properties and ..
We have Russian white soft wood AD or KD from Perm region.
Thickness : 22-50mm
Width : 90/ 100/ 110/ 125 mm
Length : 4000 & 3000 mm
72x72x2500/ 3000/ 4000 mm
Grade I-IV with 15% V
id: 137

Price info negotiable EURO
Desk OSK with 2 chairs
Metallic desk frame with book storage space. Surface from
eech hard board with formica coating.
Possibility of placing one on top the othe
Metallic frame and seat and back from beech hardboard
Possibility of storing one ..
id: 136

Price info negotiable EURO
Melamine construction
Possibility of design , dimensions and color choice
id: 135

Price info best offer EURO
Melamine construction
Possibility of design , dimensions and color choice
id: 134

Price info "best offer" EURO
Metallic frame of electrostatic dye with metallic ramp with the possibility without "ABC"
Table surface of melamine 16 with 25mm
Color of you’re your choice
id: 133

Price info best offer EURO
and chair frame from timber oak wood.
Chairs and table surfaces MDF with formica coating.