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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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We offer for sale pellets with the following technical data:
- softwood sawdust pellets - quality EN_plus A1 ISO 17225-2
O 002
- calorific value 4.8 kWh/kg - diameter 6 /- 1 mm - water content ? 10.0 Ash content ?0.5 (at 550�C
- packing 15 kg bags
id: 5783
Beech essence cabinets. Quality A, no red heart or coloring. 80MC dry quantity or any other size on orde
green or dry on request
For more information geocom@ymail.com
0744911822 or the wood business messenger.
id: 5764

Price info ask for offer by e-mail
We sell impregnated wooden sleepers, impregnated in autoclave, oak, beech or any type client request by order. Ask for offe
y e-mail: monoradas.srl@gmail.com
id: 5763

Price info ask offer by e-mail
We offer wood impregnation in autoclave vacuum-pressure-vacuum with Tanalith E (green colou
Tanalith E Tanatone
own colour). If you are interested in this services please ask for offe
y e-mail: monoradas.srl@gmail.com
id: 5650

Price info ---
We sell: EURO paleti cat. I si II NON EURO atipic pallets of different size
Palletized firewood. Essence beech. 0.9mc. Capacity - 1 truck
Beech pallet timbe
firewood. Dimensions to order.
28/30/32/36/46/50/55) mm
3/5) m
Wood pellets with a composition of 70 % beech and 30% fir