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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

For personalized price offers contact the company directly and use the FREE system to publish buy or sell offers.
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Price info 100 EURO
Offer firewood beech fresh : 33 sm on pallet 1x1x1,8 m
Delivery 22 pallet - full truck
id: 4872

Price info ---
Lenght: 6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m,13m,14m,15m,16m, Dimensions:according to the needs of the purchase
Delivery: worldwide.
id: 3407

Price info ---
Wood flour – 100% beech.
Humidity up to 10%, consistent color.
Standard fraction:
0,15–0,18mm up to 0,15mm Possibility to produce mixtures of different fractions within exact proportions (± 5%..
Moistness max. 9 %
Glue type D3, (according to customer demand also D4
Ground, grain 120 Thickness from 16 to 60 mm Maximum width 1,300 mm Maximum length 3,000 mm Lamella 40 – 50 mm
always same in board/
Longitudinally joined - CINK
- Beech Lightly steamed (DANZE
- Moistness max. 9% - Glue type D3, (according to customer demand also D4
- Ground, grain 120 - Thickness 16 – 50 mm - Max. width 1,300 mm - Max. lenght 5,000 mm
Quality description:
LUX -..
id: 3401

Price info ---
iquette RUF - produced by the latest technology. Use hardwood fine fraction during pressing and unique shape of these
iquettes ensures long, steady burning, high calorific value and low ash content. Dimensions 24.5 x 8, 5 x 9, 5 cm - weight 1.66 kg (± 5%
We sell unedged lumber spruce, beech and oak killen dried 8-10% at quality joinery, respective I.-II. grade. Thicknees is 32, 50 mm and lenght is 3-5 m. Price: - spruce is 220 eur/m3 - oak is 650 eur/m3 - beech is 255 eur/m3 Price is EXW. 01319 ZbyŠˆov, Slovakia
id: 1126

Price info ask EURO
6 mm wood pellets, quality DIN51731 -packing 1000 kg big bag -packing 15 kg bag
id: 615

Price info negotiable EURO
Dear Sir,
After our phone call I am sending you pictures of pellets and test report .
I apologize I told you wrong prices. Correct are these:
Free loaded 131 Euro
ig bags 139 Euro
15 kg bags 149 Euro.
If you will have any questions, do not hesitate t..