R.B GMBH is a registered company in Germany and headoffice in Berlin establish in 2004 and also has branches and partners within Europe.

Our main activities are in the import/export of wood sector.

We serves all industries requiring premium-quality hardwood ,softwood ,Sawn wood , Timber and Logs and maintains its competitive edge by managing the entire supply chain from log harvesting to the end product.

Our professional team of experts applies the highest industry standards, for Kiln Dry (KD) such as six-sigma, to ensure that our clients exacting requirements are met. Project type, aesthetic preference, and budget are all taken into consideration in guiding our clients and preparing a quote.

In 2006 we were awarded with certificate FSC – Chain of Custody and accompanied with the demands of responsible forestry practices.

This means that 100% of materials which we use came from responsible forest management.

Our reputation is founded on consistent high quality, attention to details, and ability to handle products of all sizes.

Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do and we are dedicated to managing our operations well and continuous improve our performance.

We export 80% of our products which are appreciated all over Europe and rest of the world.

We are also focused on dynamically expanding our production capacity and production automation both for pallets and elements . Striving for customer satisfaction is a very important aspect in the company's day to day operations.

This entails both the supply of excellent products and fast production tailored to the needs of customers.

The company boasts certificates confirming the quality and reliability of our products.

These include FSC, PEFC as well as a license for the production of EPAL pallets.

We also works with numerous manufacturers from across a number of industries and is able to tailor its production to meet their requirements and we are also open to new business ideal and partnership in the wood sector.

If you have any questions about products or price list and you find our company interesting to cooperate please do not hesitate to ask any questions. We are looking forward to getting any information back.

Pallets that meet Euro and Epal standards have been developed as a way to standardize the dimensions and application of pallets. This process has started on the railway lines, but it continues to this day. One way to maintain high-quality pallets that meet these standards is to reduce their production. Only production facilities with appropriate certificates may produce pallets marked with these standards. Thanks to the authorities ensuring compliance with euro and Epal standards, they have full control over who is involved in the production and repair of such pallets.

The standards that euro and Epal pallets must meet are extremely high. They define virtually every aspect of production. From what wood should be used to create this kind of pallet, through the number of boards and brackets, to the quantity and placement of nails that capture the euro pallet. These restrictions, although somewhat embarrassing for manufacturers, have an extremely good effect on customer satisfaction. It is thanks to them that by purchasing the Euro or Epal palette you can be sure that the quality of its workmanship will be at the highest level.

It is essential during production to maintain the appropriate dimensions of the Euro and Epal pallets. All sizes in which these types of pallets are present are defined by the relevant standards. In the case of wooden pallets, there is also a division into species.

Our company has been engaged in the acquisition of roundwood since the beginning of its activity, which allows us to provide professional services in the field of wood sales. The wood we source from the forest is of high quality – we make sure that the customer receives the selected raw material of the best quality after purchasing the wood. We have our own fleet of vehicles adapted for the transport of wood, so we are able to deliver wood straight to the customer. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us and we will provide details of the cooperation.

In our offer you will find round wood species such as:

  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Beech
  • Larch
  • Ash
  • Birch

We also have our own sawing mill line that we engage and sawn all our timber at customers specification and demand.

We also offer biomass.

During the production processes in our plant, by-products are created, which have a wide variety of applications both in industry and in households. These products are 100% natural and come only from wood not contaminated with harmful substances (e.g. paints or varnishes). By which they can be used as a source of energy needed by man. In our offer you will find biomass in the form of: sawdust, wood cut and bark.

It is a natural by-product created during wood working. Sawdust is used as fuel or a material suitable for further processing in industry. Their properties allow further production of pellets, briquettes, pallet supports, fiberboards, etc

We do offer all kind of klin dry firewood


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10437 Berlin

Phone.: 004915217836168