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Boiler 1MW

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id: 5134

1MW boiler for wood chips or sawdust dryers. The burner works has wood chips or wood pellets. 1Mwth power, with primary air, air-second. fuel loading hopper with feeder screw, level sensors and temperature sensors. The oven is ready for delivery.

Country & Region Italy, LOMBARDIA

Boiler 1MW

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Address : 3 - 25107 LONATO DEL GARDA (BS), LOMBARDIA, Italy
Phone: 0039 030 777 6606
Fax: 0039 030 777 2166
Contact: KYRYLENKO KOSTYANTYN (Responsabile commerciale)

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Dryer for fully automatic sawdust with biomass furnace. We have different capacities from 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kg / h of dry material in the output.
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