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Sell Romania Tree stakes 07 Feb
Tree stakes >
07 Feb Sell Romania
Delivery of oak timber >
07 Feb Buy Germany
Supply and delivery of wood pellets >
07 Feb Buy France
Forest holdings management >
07 Feb Buy Sweden
Pellet supply contract >
07 Feb Buy Germany
Raw wood - birch >
07 Feb Buy Finland
Timber products and materials >
07 Feb Buy United Kingdom
Buy Italy Spruce 07 Feb
Spruce >
07 Feb Buy Italy
Sale of wood chips >
07 Feb Sell Romania
We sell palletized firewood >
07 Feb Sell Romania
Sell Romania Wooden house 07 Feb
Wooden house >
07 Feb Sell Romania
Ad iroko beams, fas, 2-5 m >
07 Feb Sell Greece
Hornbeam wood >
06 Feb Buy India
Softwood logs over 28 cm in diamete... >
06 Feb Sell Romania
We sell mixed packaging (osb + wood... >
06 Feb Sell Romania
Firewood, pellets, briquettes >
06 Feb Sell Italy
Kiln dried firewood beech, hornbeam... >
06 Feb Sell Croatia
Elements impregnated with tanalit m... >
06 Feb Sell Romania
Ad sipo beams, fas, 25-150 mm >
06 Feb Sell Greece
Ad sapelli beams, fas, 25-150 mm >
06 Feb Sell Greece
Buy Germany Pellets 06 Feb
Pellets >
06 Feb Buy Germany
Wood chips - 2023 >
06 Feb Buy Hungary
Biomass supply >
06 Feb Buy Spain
Birch plywood >
06 Feb Buy China
Buy Moldova, Republic of Procurement firewood 06 Feb
Procurement firewood >
06 Feb Buy Moldova, Republic of
Kiln dried fsc certifed firewood be... >
06 Feb Sell Croatia
Buy Sweden Timber 06 Feb
Timber >
06 Feb Buy Sweden
Wood-energy fuel supply >
06 Feb Buy France
Buy France Wood panels 06 Feb
Wood panels >
06 Feb Buy France
Mixed wood sawdust pellets >
06 Feb Buy Lithuania
Wood pellets for leliūnai elde... >
06 Feb Buy Lithuania
Pine wall cover and floors from swe... >
06 Feb Sell Romania
Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina Sawmill company for sale 06 Feb
Sawmill company for sale >
06 Feb Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina
Buy Italy Wood shaving 03 Feb
Wood shaving >
03 Feb Buy Italy
Sell unedged oak timber, dried in a... >
03 Feb Sell Romania
Sell Romania Spruce timber 03 Feb
Spruce timber >
03 Feb Sell Romania
Oak finger jointed panels, 20; 30; ... >
03 Feb Sell Greece
We sell folding frames >
03 Feb Sell Romania
Wood pellets in big bag >
03 Feb Sell Lithuania
Pallets and euro pallets - new or s... >
03 Feb Sell Romania
Sell Romania Wooden house 03 Feb
Wooden house >
03 Feb Sell Romania
Albizia falcata plywood from indone... >
03 Feb Sell Greece
Pellet - commercial and industrial >
03 Feb Sell Italy
Supply of wood chips fuel >
03 Feb Buy France
Cekamon endsaw m (trimpsaw) >
03 Feb Sell Netherlands
We sell softwood timber - beams >
02 Feb Sell Romania
Pallet element for sale >
02 Feb Sell Hungary
Romanian spruce sawn lumber, 22-100... >
02 Feb Sell Greece
We are looking for beech elements f... >
02 Feb Buy Romania
Wood pellets, wood shavings, firewo... >
02 Feb Sell Germany
Mdf, osb, plywood, chipboard, parti... >
02 Feb Sell Germany
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Spruce wood
We are a spruce and fir wood producer, we are producing for export only. Quality: A and AB
Cekamon expert nailing table
Cekamon Expert Nailing table
- Adjustable template for all standard pallets with 9 blocks or 3-4 stringers. (standard equipment).
- Suitable for a. two and four entry pallets b. open and perimeter based under deck.
- Blocks are clamped pneumatically.
- Finished pallets are ejected pneumatically.
- Adjustable and removable latch plates. 6 pieces 200 x 120 mm and 6 pc. 250 x 120 mm.
- Can be equipped with two spring balancers on a rail.
- The frame also serves as a buffer tank for compressed air.
- Also available in XL version for pallet production up to a length of 3.400 mm.
Cekamon endsaw m (trimpsaw)
Cekamon EndSaw M (Trimpsaw)
- CE certificated by a so called Notified Body.
- Can be installed straight behind the palletSaw.
- One person does the dismantling and the second the cross cutting.
- Five pre-set board lengths.
- Free adjustable cutting speed.
- Can be installed without any special facility.
- Boards will be sorted by length on a not motorized sorting rack.
Cekamon palletsaw w
Since 1993 almost 600 machines have been sold. Can be used in a repair line and as standalone machine.
- CE certificated by a so called Notified Body (SKH).
- Speed adjustable table top.
- Pallets can be dismantled with a pushing and pulling method.
- Large wheels with a fabric surface for longer lifetime of the band saw blade and less noise.
- Two connections for saw dust exhaust system.
- Stable and safe galvanized parts like the saw guides.
- Out of 50-75 pallets per hour the broken parts can be removed.
- 20-40 pallets per hour can be dismantled completely.
- One connection for a smoke exhaust system.
- Can be installed without any special facility.
Circular saw blades
Circular saws.
- For cutting wood with nail residue
- Available in various diameters.
For more information call us.
Cekamon reciprocating saw blades
Looking for Reciprocating-, Band saw- or Circular saw blades
CekamonSaws offers a wide range against competitive prices
Call us for advice and prices
Band saw blades
Band saw blades for all brands of pallet stripping machines
- Available in various widths and thicknesses
- Welded to any desired length
Call us for more information
Work bench _ cekamon
Your employees achieve more • Standard size 1 .0 x 2.0 Meter • Ergonomic design. • Robust concrete table to reduce noise. • Nailing tacker within reach (by acentral arm and a spiral tube). • Lighting with clear light directly at the work space • One central connection for electricity and pressed air. • The frame also serves as a buffer tank for compressed air. Option; • Two drawers for storing nails. • Balancer for 4.5 – 9 kg or 2.5 - 5 kg. • Little table for second tacker. There are different ways to personalise your workbench. Cekamon Sawsdelivers custom made products.
Used palletpress for europallets
• For removing broken pallet parts • As substitude for Reciprocating machines • Reduction of dust. • Saves on Reciprocating machines and -blades
Roller conveyors / chain conveyors
Roller conveyors/chain conveyors
Pallet sorting line _ cekamon
Pallet Sorting: Do you wish to sort more pallets with a minimum on labour and save time and money Then choose for the automated pallet-sorting-solutions from CekamonSaws. We develop the sorting line you need in your company, against reasonable costs per pallet spot. Important to know: The capacity we stand for is the capacity that can be achieved Are you looking for a solution to sort all your different kind of pallets Our MPSL (Multi Pallets Sorting Line) is unique at the market. With this system you efficiently sort up to 30 different kind of pallets Advantages of a Cekamon Pallet-Sorting-Line - You sort more with less employees - Your employees face a reduction of physical strain - Your employees are no longer lifting massive Kilos and walk around with it - You prevent employees from illness due to backpain injuries - The sorting process of pallets will go faster In other words: many, many advantages for your company The Cekamon Method What solution do you need What sorting line do you really need That’s something we would like to discuss with you. We very much would like to hear about your company, it’s processes and your specific demands and wishes. And for sure, we would like to see the space where you have planned your sorting line. Then we visualize the idea in a 3D drawing. At this stage you will be able to view the design from all sides. Due to this visualisation you will have a realistic impression of the suggested solution. Limited space Even than we are nearly always able to find a suitable solution. Our sorting solutions are tailor made for sorting 200-400 pallet per hour. It does not matter whether it is a mono flow (one sort of pallets) or you are sorting mixed pallets
Palletized firewood
Firewood palletized beech essence Cutting size 25 or 33 cm Availability 1 truck/day
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