New demands and offers
Beech and/or oak logs >
06 Dec Buy France
Beech wood stirrers for automatic ... >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Kd red meranti beams, 22-100 mm >
06 Dec Sell Greece
We sell wood pallets >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Sell Netherlands Cekamon palletsaw w 06 Dec
Cekamon palletsaw w >
06 Dec Sell Netherlands
Dry firewood beech, oak, hornbeam >
06 Dec Sell Italy
Spruce timber, dried in a dryer >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Sell Romania Sell pallets 06 Dec
Sell pallets >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Kd russian spruce timber, 22-47 mm >
06 Dec Sell Greece
Contract for the supply of wood pel... >
06 Dec Buy France
Sale of wood chips >
06 Dec Sell Romania
We sell palletized firewood >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Sell Romania Wooden house 06 Dec
Wooden house >
06 Dec Sell Romania
Ad iroko beams, fas, 2-5 m >
06 Dec Sell Greece
Lamelar, stratified beams, up to 13... >
05 Dec Sell Romania
We sell mixed packaging (osb + wood... >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Beech firewood, cracked, palletized >
05 Dec Sell Romania
We sell thermally treated epal euro... >
05 Dec Sell Romania
We sell cylindrical briquettes >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Elements impregnated with tanalit m... >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Sell Romania Wooden houses 05 Dec
Wooden houses >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Ad sipo beams, fas, 25-150 mm >
05 Dec Sell Greece
Ad sapelli beams, fas, 25-150 mm >
05 Dec Sell Greece
Supply of wooden sheet piles >
05 Dec Buy Netherlands
Wood chips pellets >
05 Dec Buy Latvia
Supply of wood pellets for boilers >
05 Dec Buy France
Pine wall cover and floors from swe... >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Whitewood timber >
05 Dec Sell Romania
Kindling in 6kg bags >
05 Dec Sell Italy
Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina Sawmill company for sale 05 Dec
Sawmill company for sale >
05 Dec Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sell Romania Spruce timber 02 Dec
Spruce timber >
02 Dec Sell Romania
We are looking for fsc certified be... >
02 Dec Buy Denmark
Oak finger jointed panels, 20; 30; ... >
02 Dec Sell Greece
We sell folding frames >
02 Dec Sell Romania
Sell Romania Wooden house 02 Dec
Wooden house >
02 Dec Sell Romania
Albizia falcata plywood from indone... >
02 Dec Sell Greece
Wood pellets, wood shavings, firewo... >
02 Dec Sell Germany
Mdf, osb, plywood, chipboard, parti... >
02 Dec Sell Germany
Pine, spruce, fir, poplar, beech, b... >
02 Dec Sell Germany
Forest management services needed >
02 Dec Buy Poland
Cekamon endsaw m (trimpsaw) >
02 Dec Sell Netherlands
Split firewood >
02 Dec Sell Italy
Sell pallets - new >
02 Dec Sell Romania
Class pallets for sale. >
01 Dec Buy Hungary
Romanian spruce sawn lumber, 22-100... >
01 Dec Sell Greece
We are looking for beech elements f... >
01 Dec Buy Romania
Wood impregnation services >
01 Dec Sell Romania
Sell 50mm thick ash timber >
01 Dec Sell Romania
Glulam spruce beams >
01 Dec Sell Greece
Cekamon pallet sorting lines >
01 Dec Sell Netherlands
Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina Fir lumber - offer 01 Dec
Fir lumber - offer >
01 Dec Sell Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Wooden broom handle
Material Pine/Spruce wood Size As customer’s request Tolerances 0.1 mm Smooth Sanding polish varnished 2 or 3 times Dry way Dry it naturally in the sun Surface Natural, Moisture 10 – 14, depending on different seasons Plastic cap color As customer’s request Fumigation Fumigation by steam machine
New / reclaimed railway sleepers
Solid Railway Sleeper – Grade A’s are with three or four straight, square sides – no rot, no defect dimensions. There will be some defect dimensions with Grade B Sleepers but they will generally have two or three straight and square sides. Approximate dimensions: Length – 2600mm (8’6?). Width – 250mm (10?). Height – 150mm (6?). Weight – 85 kg.
Osb 3 board
OSB-3– is used in the manufacture of load-bearing structures in wet conditions. Material: Poplar ( phenolic furniture plate, building plate, three phenolic amine furniture plate, three amine building board, poplar UF resin adhesive packaging sheet ); pine three amine furniture sheet Glue Type: E1, E2, WBP, MR Density: 600-700KGS/M3 Thickness: 10/12/15/18/22mm Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm, 1830X2440mm, 1220X1830mm
Kiln dried/fresh cut lumber
Wood Type; Beech/Oak/Birch/Ash/Larch/Pine/Spruce/Teak Volume : 100 m3 per month Thickness : On Demand Width On Demand Length On Demand Grading system European grading rules Quality F 1 Moisture: 12-18 KD Drying: Fresh Cut/ Kiln dry (KD) Grade: A/B/C Nature: Lumber/Board/Planks/Finger Joint Etc We mostly work on client specification and very limited stock
New/used pallets
New Epal Euro Pallets Europallet (1200 x 800 x 145) 2 upper outer boards (1200 x 145 x 22) 2 Top interior panels (1200 x 100 x 22) 1 upper center board (1200 x 145 x 22) 3 cross boards (800 x 145 x 22) 2 lower boards (1200 x 100 x 22) 1 lower middle board (1200 x 145 x 22) 3 blocks (145 x 145 x 78) 6 block (145 x 100 x 78) 78 certified nails
Wood nestro and pini kay briquettes
Combusting temperature: 4300 – 4700 Kcal/?g Moisture: Within 8 Ash content : within 0, 7 Durability: 95 Destroyed briquettes: 14 Size : Ø65×270 – 300 mm Packaging: 12 pieces in pack (10 kg), 96 packages on pallet (960kg)
Kiln dried oak, beech firewood
FIRE WOOD SPECIFICATION – wood : Ash/Beech/Birch/Oak – length : 25, 33 and 50 cm – thickness : max 20 cm – fresh wood, semi-dry and dry ( max 25 ) Log length: 25, 28, 30, 33, 45 cm Log diameter: Ø 8 – 15 cm Package in boxes: 1m³, 1,8m³, 2m³ Package in bags: 22, 30, 40 liter Box contains 1 RM 1.17 x 0.92 x 0.93 m 1.8 RM 1.12 x 0.8 x 2.0 m 2 RM 1.13 x 0.93 x 1.9 m
Pallet stock
Our company manufactures and sells softwood pallet boards for export. We can cut spruce and pine boards of your sizes. We work on the terms of FCA, DDU We will be glad to cooperate with you
Briquette pini-kay
Our company manufactures Pini kay fuel briquettes from hard wood, fuel briquettes are made from beech sawdust and shavings. Indicators: ash content from 0.7 to 1.5, moisture content up to 6. Packaging: Packs of 10 kg., 12 briquettes in shrink film, 96 packs on a pallet, film tape, in a car (tent, ref). We work on the following terms: FCA, DDU, FOB. The minimum order is 22-24 tons.
Enplus wood pellets
EN Plus A1 Pellet Diameter : 6 mm – 8mm Length( mm): 3,15
Europe a1 en plus 4000 tons wood pellets
Europe A1 EN PLUS 4000 tons wood pellets EN-plus A1 Wood Pellet Diameter: 6mm Length: 40mm Relative humidity: ? 10 Calories: ? 4800 KCAL/KG Ash: 0.5-1 Packed in 15kg bags WhatsApp: 0045 36 95 97 36
Wood pellets 15kg bags, (din plus / en plus wood pellets a1 for sale
Wood Pellets 15kg Bags, (Din plus / EN plus Wood Pellets A1 for sale EN-plus A1 Wood Pellet Diameter: 6mm Length: 40mm Relative humidity: ? 10 Calories: ? 4800 KCAL/KG Ash: 0.5-1 Packed in 15kg bags WhatsApp: 0045 36 95 97 36
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