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ID: 467041
Date: 2019-01-14

We sell charcoal from hard wood of oak, hornbeam. Charcoal price on FCA conditions Ukraine the city of Rovno in polypropylene bags - 300 EUR per ton. Fraction of 40-160 mm, but we can individually under the order of the client. Charcoal ash content up to 2%, water 4%. Packed in a polypropylene bag of 14-15 kilograms. Charcoal we produce up to 80 tons per month. We also pack 2.5,3,5,10 kg in paper bags., With your company details, the price on FCA terms is 365 euro. Motor transport: 1 kilometer, 0.90 euro (20-21) ton.
We work on conditions: EXW, FCA, DDU, FOB, CIF.

Quantity 80 tona
Country & Region Ukraine, Rivne
Delivery FCA
Date: 2019-01-14
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