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Environmentally friendly pellets for automatic heating systems

ID: 520875
Date: 2022-09-30

Our company produces and supplies environmentally friendly pellets for automatic heating systems.
Pellets or fuel pellets are the fuel of the future. They are made by pressing dry shredded wood sawdust, without the use of chemical adhesives, which allows them to burn safely in the furnace of any solid fuel boilers, cookers and fireplaces.
They are actively used in heating boilers all over Europe.
Highest quality: PREMIUM


- low self-ignition;
- environmentally friendly raw material;
- ease of storage of raw materials;
- ease of transport;
- odourless pellets;
- long-term storage;
- low waste;
- High efficiency of the boiler within 96.

Ash content up to 0.7 (light colour).

Price: 410 EUR.

Products have a diameter of 6mm. We do not allow any impurities and pollutants in the production, only natural components (wood waste).
Biofuels are packaged differently depending on how they are going to be transported and used. We prefer to store and use for the delivery polyethylene bags weighing 15 kg each. Such packaging is quite convenient for transportation, provides protection of product from physical effects, allows the use of primitive technical means during loading-unloading operations (crane, fork-lift truck). Besides, high quality polyethylene prevents penetration of dirt, dust or other debris into the raw material, which keeps the wood pellets dry.

Rising prices of diesel and electricity lead to higher demand and availability of pellets for heating. The cost of wood pellets is not subject to the same fluctuations as gas or diesel. These features attract more companies and people who prefer this type of heating.

Goods are available at production address Ukraine, Lviv region.
Minimum order quantity per consignment is one truck. Total weight of truck is
22 tons 50 kg, 21 pallets with 70 bags each.

Country & Region Ukraine, Lviv
Delivery -
Date: 2022-09-30
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