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Pallet Sorting Line _ Cekamon

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id: 5826

Pallet Sorting: Do you wish to sort more pallets with a minimum on labour and save time and money Then choose for the automated pallet-sorting-solutions from CekamonSaws. We develop the sorting line you need in your company, against reasonable costs per pallet spot. Important to know: The capacity we stand for is the capacity that can be achieved Are you looking for a solution to sort all your different kind of pallets Our MPSL (Multi Pallets Sorting Line) is unique at the market. With this system you efficiently sort up to 30 different kind of pallets Advantages of a Cekamon Pallet-Sorting-Line - You sort more with less employees - Your employees face a reduction of physical strain - Your employees are no longer lifting massive Kilos and walk around with it - You prevent employees from illness due to backpain injuries - The sorting process of pallets will go faster In other words: many, many advantages for your company The Cekamon Method What solution do you need What sorting line do you really need That’s something we would like to discuss with you. We very much would like to hear about your company, it’s processes and your specific demands and wishes. And for sure, we would like to see the space where you have planned your sorting line. Then we visualize the idea in a 3D drawing. At this stage you will be able to view the design from all sides. Due to this visualisation you will have a realistic impression of the suggested solution. Limited space Even than we are nearly always able to find a suitable solution. Our sorting solutions are tailor made for sorting 200-400 pallet per hour. It does not matter whether it is a mono flow (one sort of pallets) or you are sorting mixed pallets

Country & Region Netherlands, GELDERLAND

Pallet Sorting Line _ Cekamon

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Address : ERMELO, GELDERLAND, Netherlands
Phone: 0031 341 550038
Contact: G DE WITH OR R. DOLLEKAMP (Sales)

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