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Pallet elements (planks, beams, blocks)

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id: 5123

Pallet elements for EUR, CP and non standard pallets: 17x75x1200 17x98x1000 17x98x1140 17x98x1200 22x98x1200 22x98x800 17x118x1140 17x118x1200 17x133x1140 17x133x1200 22x145x1200 22x145x800 78x98x1200 75x95x1200 75x75x1200 And various other sizes

Country & Region Lithuania, KAUNAS

Pallet elements (planks, beams, blocks)

Price Negotiable price
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Address : ARIOGALA, KAUNAS, Lithuania
Phone: 0037 060673232
Contact: EDGARAS BANELIS (Manager)

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