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Premium kiln dried firewood / oak fire wood from europe

ID: 520585
Date: 2022-09-22


Measures outside: 1.2 m 0.8 m 2.0 m.
Split length: 15-25 cm
width of the split: 8-16cm
Wood fire size: 33 cm or 50 cm;
Fire wood diameter 7 - 19 cm;
Humidity: 8-12
1 pallet 2cbm 1 TON
28 pallet one container 40FT container
MATERIAL: Oak/Ash/Beech/hornbeam/Alder/Birch/Pine/spruce etc
We also do have, Charcoal, wood pellets,

Packaging Shipping

Our logs are derived from hardwood (broadleaf) and softwood (conifers)
species. The firewood is free from any chemicals or contaminations.
Sizes are customized by buyers39; demands.

Standard: up to 25 humidity.
Diameter: 8-15 inches.
Packaging: packed in wooden boxes (containers).
Pack sizes: 1 RM and 1.8 RM or 2 RM.

Dry Firewood

Species Mixed species (depending on the buyer)
Seasoning Fully seasoned using air drying: Moisture content is
usually between 15 and 20
Dimensions Split logs, averaging 200mm in length (or buyers39; demand)
Contaminants Contamination-free
Classification Meeting specifications of classes A1 or A2
Smoke Producing very little smoke (dependent on stove model and maintenance)
Format Lose or netted (standard net, indicative weight 10kg; or
large net, indicative weight 12-15kg)

Quantity 1>10000
Country & Region Denmark, Copenhagen
Delivery FOB
Date: 2022-09-22
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GS Newco ApS

Address : 5250 ODENSE SV, ,
Phone: 0045 36 95 97 36
Contact: ALEX MOORA (sales manager)

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