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Sell wood pellets pine

ID: 518097
Date: 2022-06-21

We are from Turkey and we are a family-owned company engaged in wood processing and production of solid wood panels, sawn timber, chicken Pine Shavings and pellets. Using only our local Pinus brutia to ensures the quality and standardizing of our product to reach your request.
Capacity: 24 Tons up to 400 Tons monthly.
Bagging type:
1) 15Kg airtight bags: 205 Euro Ex Work from Turkey/isparta.
2) 1200 KG bags: 197 Euro Ex work from Turkey/isparta.
Shipping type:
1) 24 Tons by truck
For more info about us and our products please contact us,
Best regards

Quantity ----- m3
Country & Region Turkey, Isparta
Delivery -
Date: 2022-06-21
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