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Timber and building boards

ID: 520833
Date: 2022-09-29

The procurement services of the City of Turku`s corporate administration are requesting bids for timber and building boards to be procured for the use of various service units of the City of Turku for the period 1.11.2022 (target) - 31.10.2023, after which the contracts can be extended under the original conditions for one (1) year for the period 1.11.2023 - 31.10.2024 (Option).

Section 1 Timber (sawn timber, structural sawn timber, carpentry dry timber, impregnated sawn timber, planed timber, moldings, etc.)

Section 2 Building boards (hard, chipboard, laminate, mdf and plywood boards, etc.)

In both areas of the procurement, an agreement is made with one (1) Supplier.

Estimated total value, without VAT: 480,000.00 EUR.
Language in which bids or requests to participate can be submitted: Finnish.

Quantity ----- m3
Country & Region Finland, Turku
Delivery -
Date: 2022-09-29
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