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If not wood, what?

If not wood, what?

Editor WoodBusinessPortal.com team - research, December 18, 2019

It seems to me two forestry news themes dominated headlines over the past year. One is the increasingly worrisome state of the B.C. forest industry and the cascade of company and community impacts from mill closures. By our last count, six sawmills and two OSB mills have shuttered in B.C. since the spring, and experts predict more to come.

Many stakeholders weighed in over the past few months about how successive provincial policies have failed the industry, and what needs to happen to stem the bleed of jobs. The BC Truck Loggers Association (TLA) has been in the thick of the conversation, advocating on behalf of its members, many of whom are already experiencing financial burdens from the downturn. TLA executive director David Elstone offers another critique in CFI`s November/December issue`s Final Cut column, calling on Ottawa to stand up for B.C. forestry.

The other recurring industry headline is a much more positive one: mass timber. Around the world, researchers, architects, builders and the media are seemingly waking up to the idea that wood is not only a safe and cost-effective material with which to build, but also provides a mitigation measure to climate change. The idea of building more, taller wood structures has graced the pages of architecture magazines, the BBC, and even The New York Times.

Source: www.woodbusiness.ca

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