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Trading company, producer and recycler of wood packaging, we sell OSB packaging
OSB Superfinish ECO was developed and produced to fully meet the constantly growing demand for living in an ecological way, focused on the choice of organic materials. By selecting the most suitable wood and resins, the OSB Superfinish meets the increasingly higher standards of b..
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2800x2070 from 6mm to 24mm
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HDF boards, 2,5 -4,0mm x 1220x2440 and other dimensions
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Price info 248 EURO
We sell OSB 3, different sizes: 1200x2400 and 1250x2500 and 9-22mm thickness. VAT not included.
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Price info intreaba EURO
We are able to offer MDF sheets at 8,12,16,18,22,25,30 mm thickness, dimension of sheet: 2655 x 2100 mm.
MDF boards with high glossy paint finish.The back side is with white melamine paper. Dimentions: 1220X2440X18mm<
> There are 6 colors in stock: White, Graphite, Green, Deep blue, Red (Ferrari),
own (Cherry). For each color there is respectivly maching color PVC e..
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Specification: - size: 2745 x 1700 mm; 1200 x 1000 mm; - thickness:2; 2,5; 3,2 mm; - density: 960 - 967 kg/m2; - moisture content: 4,2 %.
Our company manufactures hardboard.
3,2 mm
density 850-1000kg/m3
1220x2440 mm
1220x3050 mm
1220x2140 mm
2140x3050 mm
1700x2750 mm
290x490 mm
295x500 mm
and any cut-to-size dimension
ings and circ..