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Our wood working company offers production of apiaries or frames for apiaries.
It is in very good condition. Works with current 380 V, 3 kW motor, year of production 1992. L=12.500 mm, l=1.500 mm, h=1.500 mm, g=8000 kg.
id: 4059

Price info ---
VEB – 410
KUPER equipment for veneer
We are a veneer production factory in Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov , processing logs of various species, both European and exotic, with the latest equipment, we are interested with various clients in the country but also in other countries, processing logs is done with rotary CREMONA TZ a..
id: 3613

Price info 29 500 EURO
Latvian company offers equipment for debarking logs, different
eeds and sizes. Delivery of new
used equipment. We employ professionals, who will help you choose the best option, and equipment. If necessary, deliver, install, train your worker. Spare parts and accessorie..
Stationary debarking machine VALAN KONE model VK-16.Intended for debarking of round timber with diameter 6 to 35 cm.Minimal length 1,5 m.Equipped with 2 rotors - 100 % quality assurance.Rotors are equipped with 6 blades fo
ark removal.Feeding speed until 60 m/min.Electric mo..
id: 3510

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Debarker VK-16,good condition.
id: 3509
Debarker CAMBIO 35.Good condition.
id: 3322
VECOPLAN single shaft shredde
Type VAZ 250/135
esult: 2500 x 1350 mm Power: 30 kW
otor Diameter: 350 mm Screw: diff. aviable Electric swich
Application of the VAZ. Shredding wood waste, paper, disk, solid plastics, plastic f..