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BORDATRICE MONOLATO SCM MOD. OLIMPIC SE215 ERL - USATA vasca colla con 3 rulli di pressione intestatori
efilatori inclinabili arrotondatori
aschiabordo spazzole con 2 motori phon con riscaldatore Leiste
matr. AH/108746 norme CE (anno 2004
id: 5134

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1MW boiler for wood chips or sawdust dryers. The burner works has wood chips or wood pellets. 1Mwth power, with primary air, air-second. fuel loading hopper with feeder screw, level sensors and temperature sensors. The oven is ready for delivery.
id: 5126
Wood vacuum dryer with heating plates.
water plates/electric plates
oil pump/water pump
New vacuum dryers for wood, both iron and stainless steel to any extent required.
Excellent for drying floor slats.
This product was crafted with amazing prices and top quality.
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we are manufacturers and retailers of multiblade trimming machines. produce equipment based on the needs of the end customer.
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Our company operates in the industry since 1991 and is specialized in construction, operation and specialized assistance. Tell us what you want and we design and build it for you !
complete line for glulam (laminated wood)
id: 2859

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Plant to produce pellets from sawdust skid complete. The system is flexible, high-quality, portable and with an attractive price. The plant is composed of: dispenser, refining mill, mixer, pellet machine, extraction, cooling, cleaning powders, bagging and control panel with PLC...
id: 2858

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Dryer for fully automatic sawdust with biomass furnace. We have different capacities from 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kg
h of dry material in the output.
id: 1757
Upto 30cms long kindling from offcuts and rounds