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We are certified manufacturer of new wooden euro pallets (EPAL), and also repairer of used euro pallets. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with large quantities of standard-quality products within a short period of time. All our wooden euro pallets Co..
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We sell: EURO paleti cat. I si II NON EURO atipic pallets of different size
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We sell second hand pallets cp 9.On
equest with ispm 15.
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We selling second hand cp3 pallets, on request with ispm 15.
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Trading company, manufacturer and recycler of wood packaging, we sell non-euro wood pallets, atypical, any size depending on the project and requirement
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We sell Europalets new or second hand
Category: 1 and 2
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We produce various types of wood pallets, decks, bottom planks with blocks: 1200x800; 1200x1000; 600x800; 1000x1000; non standard sizes. We can offer 1st, 2nd, or MIX sort of quality.
Processing plant primary and secondary wood manufactures and markets on demand and stock every type and size of packaging timber according to project and custome
equirements , timber hardwood , softwood , plywood OSB etc , needed to transport your products . optimal conditio..
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we sell pallets elements from manufacturer in Latvia. We offer pallets blocks in big quantities- 4000M3 per mounth.
Ask for specification and prices.
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We can offer sertificate EPAL and CP pallets and various measurements standard one way wooden pallets. Also we will deliver various measurements and specification wooden pallets, pallet covers, pallet legs, seperate pallet elements from conifers and deciduous wood to your chosen..