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We produce atypical pallets according to customer specifications
Europalet EPAL 1200 x 800 I39;ll sell europalette: 1200x800 from pinewood. Selling full trucks only.
contact fo
est prices and best quotation.
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Pallet blank, deciduous and coniferous species of wood.
Fresh sail, transport humidity and dry. Price by agreement. Dimensions: - 22x143x1200mm - 22x98x1200mm
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Euro pallet blanks Humidity 10-25% Dimensions 15-18 mm x 50-150 mm x 1000-4000 mm Class A
Shipment of goods is subject to conditions (according to Incoterms 2010) co-purpose warehouse. (Chernivtsi region.) FCA
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We offer to sell pallets elements of softwood. The quality grade 2,3,4 Humidity: natural or KD Dimensions: according to your specification
eady for a long-term cooperation.
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Price info 5,5 EURO
Good day! Our company offers you new pallets 1200
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Price info договорная цена EURO
We offer Used Europallets and new Europallets Used Europallets 1-2 grade (eu
New Europallets (eu
We shall export from 3000st. into week.
Good day! Our company offers: - Sawn timber edging and not edging of different sizes
pine); - Sawn timber edging (oak, alder, birch, ash); - Fuel pellets; - Pallet harvesting.
For further information, please contact us!
We sell pallets 1200x800