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We do offer New pallets clean and free of damp mold.
All chips are made from one piece of wood are not damaged.
Pallets degree corners are cut off.
Manufacture of pallets are made on the automatic route. Epal Euro Pallets for sale – Buy Epal Euro Pallets
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Price info 9 EURO
We have Euro Epal Pallet available in stock The EUR/EPAL-pallet Spec. four-way pallet
oards: 11 Nails: 78
locks: 9 Length: 800 mm Width: 1,200 mm Height: 144 mm Weight: approx. 25 kg Safe working load: 1,500 kg Maximum additional load: 4,000 kg when stacking W..
produce Europallets 1200x800mm EPAL and UIC, Europallets light, one way pallets, 1200x1000mm pallets. We can offer grade A, B, C dryed or fresh with or without marks UIC/IPPC/EUR, regular, or certified EPAL nails. Moisture below 20. We work under the contract in condition FCA or..
Euro EPAL new A grade - Romania, Spain , Germany 1500000 pieces ready Euro Epal new grade pallets Write us on whatApp numbe
elow for faster communcation WhatAPP 4915212952051
Type Euro Pallet – Epal Condition Recycled – Used in good state Specifications Type of species European Softwood Species Pine (Pinus sylvestris) – Scots Pine Height 144 mm Width 800 mm Length 1200 mm Description EPAL pallets Size: 800x144x1200 mm Weight – 24-25 ..
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New Epal Wood Pallets We is engaged in manufacturing of wooden Pallet of European standard, as well as any other standards with different varieties of demand from customers and to meet thier specifications, and repair of second-hand pallets.
We Supply pallets both domestic ..
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Price info ---
Length: 800 mm Width: 1,200 mm Height: 144 mm Weight Approximately: 25 kg Safe working load: 1,500 kg
Pallet timber or elements for wooden pallets (pallet boards or components, bearers and blocks) and packaging timber is our main field.
We use hardwood and softwood. Main hardwood types we use are, Alder and Birch, Oak ,beech. Main softwood types what we use are Poplar, Spruc..
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Price info 5 EURO
We are offering certified European Standard Pallet at affordable prices . The production of the design is strictly managed in order to ensure that quality levels are consistently high . All new EPAL pallets are heat treated (ISPM15 compliant) and moisture controlled (kiln dried..