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We produce various types of wood pallets, decks, bottom planks with blocks: 1200x800; 1200x1000; 600x800; 1000x1000; non standard sizes. We can offer 1st, 2nd, or MIX sort of quality.
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We can offer sertificate EPAL and CP pallets and various measurements standard one way wooden pallets. Also we will deliver various measurements and specification wooden pallets, pallet covers, pallet legs, seperate pallet elements from conifers and deciduous wood to your chosen..
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WE sell different kind of pallets. Depending on your demands. Our company Gedvaira is based in Lithuania. www.gedvaira-pallets.lt
Please contact by e-mail or fax.
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Price info ask EURO
we can offer alder pallet elements in Lithuania. Dimensions can be 22x98x1200. If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks
Our company produces new industrial pallets with following specifications:
Dimensions: 1000x1200 mm
3 - 22 x 145 x 1200 mm
4 - 22 x 100 x 1200 mm
3 - 22 x 145 x 1000 mm
3 - 22 x 145 x 1200 mm
9 - 78 x 145 x 145 mm
Pallet weight -..
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Our company produces all sorts of pallets for chemical industry called CP pallets. Please find below short description of most common CP pallets:
CP1 - 1200x1000 mm, Load weight 900 kg, blocks 9 pcs, height 136 mm, pallet weight 23 kg.
CP2 - 1200x800 mm, load we..
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Price info negotiable EURO
EUR II quality pallets. Produced from II quality timber. Dimensions are same as for EUR EPAL pallets. These pallets have no stamps, but it is possible to mark them with EUR stamp. For more information, please visit our website www.ekomedija.com