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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

For personalized price offers contact the company directly and use the FREE system to publish buy or sell offers.
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Price info ---
14/14 1m40
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Price info negociable EURO
We can offer timber from Cameroun please send your demands Iroko-doussie-bilinga-padouk-wenge-sapelli-moabie
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Price info negociable EURO
thickness 20 + 27mm all quality fixed widt or all widt
kiln dry panelsaw singel moulde
floor sander and polishing machines www.macabois.com
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Price info ask EURO
1 face
Thickness: from 26 to 65 mm
id: 60

Price info ask EURO
1° (3/4 sides clea
is (knots max 12 mm
is/2° (knots max 25 mm
2°/ 3° (knots max 40 mm

ustic – knots + heart
Thickness : from 13 to 80 mm
Our square-edged oak is available Air Dry (AD) or Kiln Dry (KD). With important drying capacities ..