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We are a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are in an area rich in various high quality forests, and we offer high quality firewood. We are oriented towards the EU market, where we offer quality products with reasonable prices. Our values are based on quality, professional..
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Beech firewood in pallet
100x100x100 fresh/dry
eech firewood in bags/dry
15,0 kg
eech firewood in bags/dry
12,5 kg
eech firewood in bags/dry
22,5 dm3 Kindling in bags
9 dm3 Charcoal
3 kg,10kg
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Price info negotiable EURO
We have first class beech firewood unde
est prices.
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We are manufacturers of new EUR-pallets and custom pallets. We possess all certificates for production. Monthly capacity is 35,000 pieces. We are interested in the market of Italy and Austria. Used Eur-palLets cost 4,5 €/kom Transportation to Italy costs about € 700 per tru..
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Price info ---
Dear Sirs, Our company is manufacturing wooden ecological
iquette consists of clean wooden mass without adhesives or additives. It is ecologically acceptable with ash component of 0,5%. Energy value is: approximately 5 kWh/kg/. Packing: thermal foil each ..