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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

For personalized price offers contact the company directly and use the FREE system to publish buy or sell offers.
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Price info negociabil EURO
We produce atypical pallets according to customer specifications
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Price info negociabil
We produce atypical pallets according to customer specifications
id: 4999
We have for sell hardwood pellets (acacia, oak) with high calorifique powe
- diameter: 6mm - humidity: max 6% - ash: max 1,5% - calorifique power: ~4,8 KWl/h
- density: 700 kg
m3 - packing 1 ton big bags
- origin: Moldavia
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Price info сп?оси?? EURO
folding sofa with storage compartment
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Price info ---
Only here you can find the best hardwood charcoal for grill.
ags: 2,5 kg For more details please contact us.
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We offer pine and acacia firewood, already split and on pallets.
Our wood working company offers production of apiaries or frames for apiaries.
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we produce stakes for vineyard in different sizes, unlimited quantities. We export.
Parket 2 layers: Width - 12-28cm, thickness - 14-16mm. Parket 3 layers: Width - 12-28cm, thickness - 14-20mm. Lamellas
: Width - 13-29cm, Thickness - 2.8mm-> We can supply flooring painted or unpainted