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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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Price info 29 500 EURO
Latvian company offers equipment for debarking logs, different
eeds and sizes. Delivery of new
used equipment. We employ professionals, who will help you choose the best option, and equipment. If necessary, deliver, install, train your worker. Spare parts and accessorie..
Stationary debarking machine VALAN KONE model VK-16.Intended for debarking of round timber with diameter 6 to 35 cm.Minimal length 1,5 m.Equipped with 2 rotors - 100 % quality assurance.Rotors are equipped with 6 blades fo
ark removal.Feeding speed until 60 m/min.Electric mo..
id: 3510

Price info ---
Debarker VK-16,good condition.
id: 3509
Debarker CAMBIO 35.Good condition.
Machine Turned Round Poles. Spruce/Pine. Diameters: 50;60;70;75;85;100 cm. Lengths: 1200;1500;1650;1800;2400 mm. Fresh sawn or treated with Creosote or Tanalith E. Incoterms on agreement. Price: best offer EUR per m3.
id: 2919

Price info ---
Selling! Oak,Ash,Beech,Alder--25 and 30 cm lenght Pallet size 1.20 x 0.85 x 2.00
id: 2754

Price info Best price EURO
We are Latvian enterprise that successfully engaged in wood, wooden pallet, firewood and other wood materials export on European market. Local manufactory allows cooperate and service our customers on very high level. Also we can help with transportation and delivery (work EXW). ..
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Price info ask EURO
Kindling producer.
Our kindling is made from softwood, which has excellent burning quality and high concentration of resin. Final product looks visual attractive without bits and barks.
4 kg, packed in net bags
moisture 8-14%
id: 2517
High quality RUF 10kg bags 960kg pallet 100% pine
We are a Latvian company manufacturing wood pallets and firewood. We could offer you the birch wood firewood is with the following characteristics: Firewood material - Birch Lengths of a log - 30cm, but it can be cut up to your specification Moisture - 18-20% but can supply al..