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Standard offers of products and services are standard offers for the usual services or products of the suppliers and in accordance with the quantities requested by them as the minimum order for clients.

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Price info ---
Pine, KD 12%. Grade: A/B. No wane, no blue stains, no falling knots. Healthy ingrwon knots are allowed.
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he main part of our firewood are being produced according to several standart: Logs are 25, 30 or 33cm. long. Diameter 8-14 cm Natural moisture or kiln (ove
dried humidy under 25% We use Ash, wood.
Now we have cut 30cm long 1.8 m2 crates humidity 20%
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We produce firewood made of BIRCH, Alde
lack alder), oak, ash, and mix. we cut to the lenght 25-28-30cm, but by orders we make as per client need. we sell fresh and dried firewood. Packing - wood containers 1,6-1,8-2RM, or net bags 22-30-40-60 Liters and carton boxes...
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Price info ask EURO
We produce, pack and sale 6mm and 8mm pellets certified with DINplus, and without certification but technical data by tests are as per Din plus requirement packing - big bags, or small bags 15-20kg.
ags can be without labels - made of clear polyethylene, or with required l..
fresh and dry firewood. Packed in boxes, bags. Quantity up to 40 trucks per month
We are the Lithuanian company, which produce loghouses acording norwegian technology. Company are the member of the Timberhouse producers association.
Ours profile is ,a log cabins, houses ,garages,cottages timberpart sets producing from kiln dry pine (18-20prcnt of mo..
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We offer you a dry birch firewood packed in 40L bags. Origin - Lithuania.
Humidity 18-22%. Firewood in size from 28 to 31 cm beams. . price of 40 liters - 2.0 euro pe
ag. Transportation to your place is not included. We are located in Lithuania, Kaunas city. Choppe..
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Price info 2400- 2750 EURO
isgotavlivaetsa is eli ili listvenici. Dlina 3, 3,5, 4,0m, visota 1,9 2,0 m, s razdevalkoi ili bez. Pethka topitsia drovami, finskaja tina Harvia.
Tolscina sten 43mm;
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Price info 1200-1600 EURO
Bothki dlia kupanija s podogrevom vodi is eli ili listvenici.
Firewood is less 22% moisture.
firewood packed in 1,8 RM boxes, 28 boxes in truck firewood packed in 2,0 RM boxes, 26 boxes in truck 1,8 RM 118 euro EXW and 2,0 RM 120 euro EXW (Lithuania
40l bag 2,2 euro EXW
irch or ash